Monday, March 2, 2015

5 things I've learned from my long-distance friendlationship

Over the past couple of years I have moved around a bit, leaving behind all that is good and righteous in the great state of Texas. It's difficult to pack up and depart with everything you've known and loved for so long, and it's even more difficult when you realize that it probably won't be the first or the last time you'll be doing it. I remember the first time I moved, it was to the Big Apple--concrete jungle where dreams are made of, like Alicia Keys would say. We had to take two cars to the airport because my luggage and the people living in my house would not all fit in one. I knew it wouldn't be forever, but it seemed like it would be an eternity. I love my family, but it was hardest saying good-bye to my best friend and her daughter, both who have become closer than family. Almost three years later and we're now an ocean apart.

Today, I received a wonderful package from her filled with chocolate, girly things and a $20 dollar bill that said "buy yourself something pretty." It's been an extremely difficult adjustment living in Hawaii with few friends and no one to run to (that's in a decent proximity) when I just need a gal-pal, but I'm dealing. Reading the note she left me in my new journal (because lord knows I love journals) made me reflect on the importance of our friendship and the things I've learned from this experience.

Saying "good-bye" never gets any easier.
And neither does: "I'll see you soon" or "I won't be gone for long" or any other phrase that you say each time you have to part ways again. My heart breaks every time I have to kiss that little girl good-bye and leave my best friend to live a life apart from them. She has played the role of my significant other for quite some time and there have not been many times that we have been apart. It may not get easier, but it does make you stronger.

Writing letters is waaayyyyyyy better than email.
Like, way way.Yes, email is faster. And yes, you have to pay for postage. BUT nothing says "I love you and miss you" like a nice hand-written letter expressing how much you love/hate your new city and all the cool/lame things you're doing and all the new (but not even as close to cool as her) friends you're making. Plus, it's always nice to read some hand-written words of inspiration from your bestie to give you that little kick in the butt you may need.

Jealousy will happen.
Every time I see her post a picture on Instagram with someone else or doing something cool, there's this feeling inside of me hoping she'll have the worst time ever because I'm not there. Oh, and that picture with that other chick, she's going down as soon as I get back! Or wait, is that only me?? I'm sure it's not, but I think my jealousy is both amusing and refreshing to her. I may be ridiculous, but at least she knows that she's my BFF and there's no way in hell I'm sharing her with anyone else.

Distance ain't nothing but a number.
They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder and I find it true to some extent. I don't think I've grown fonder of my bestie boo, but her absence and the friendship we have has made me realize how special what we have is. We may be an ocean apart, but that means nothing when I know that nothing could keep her safe from my excessive text messages, ridiculous faces made while on FaceTime and pro lurking status (I see all).

She's your best babe forever and nothing will change that.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's that this girl isn't going anywhere. She's the chips to my queso, the malita to my animalita and my homegirl for life. I left her once to go to New York and I left her again to come to Hawaii, and she still hasn't left. No matter the distance, the big life changes, the ups or the downs she will forever be my soul mate and my other half, forever and ever. She'll always be my BFFLmnop!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why smiling is good for you

When I was younger, I would consistently make fun of my mother for smiling so much. My mother--if you do not know her--has one of the biggest, brightest, most beautiful smiles that could warm your heart and turn your day around. I would tell her that she smiles too much and sarcastically ask why. Despite the ups and downs that my mother has had in her life, you'd never be able to tell because she always looks happy...and I mean ALWAYS. Through trials and tribulations, through her recent encounter with Breast Cancer and through the crappiest of times she has kept that smile on her face. When I was younger, I didn't understand why.

Monday, January 5, 2015

7 easy tips to help you eat healthy on a budget

It's the start of a new year and like every year, gyms are filled with the beaming faces of hopeful people looking to shed those few extra pounds, healthy recipes are being added to the list of things we want to try, and old jeans and dresses from our glory days are being dusted off as we tell ourselves, "I'll fit into this soon." We all want a healthy life where we live to be 100 years old, without aging and rocking the body of Beyoncé til the day we die.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

5 things you need in your life NOW

Since I've been in Hawaii, I've discovered some really amazing things that I am currently obsessed with and don't know what I'd do without. Several of these items I use on a daily basis and would definitely recommend investing in (such as the Hydro Flask) if you want a great product that's definitely worth your bucks. Click on the images to be redirected to sites where these products are sold. Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Late Post: Top 5 Things I'm Thankful

When I was younger, I couldn't wait for the holidays--it was my favorite time of the year! I came from a big Mexican family which meant big parties with lots of food, fun and laughter. Family would come in from out of town, there was a plethora of pies and desserts to choose from, and I loved helping my mom and grandma put up their never ending supply of Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. My grandmother was just as meticulous about things as I was, so I appreciated her need for perfection in my assembly of the Nativity scene, followed by her extreme sense of gratitude for my help.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I want devastating love

Note: The first paragraph was written pre-Clark, probably around February.

A few months ago, I jumped onboard with everyone else in the world and became OBSESSED with the show Scandal. It's just scandalous! I love it!!! During the second season, Olivia Pope tells the guy she is dating: "I want painful, difficult, devastating, life-changing, extraordinary love. Don't you want that, too?" The guy then goes on to tell her that love shouldn't be painful or devastating. Then it hit me--I have this completely distorted view of the way I think my relationships should be.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Being a grown-up SUX! But it also has its perks.

If you were not aware, let me tell you: teaching is no joke. I thought the crappy part of my life was over. The part where I'm poor and scrounging for money to pay rent. The part where I didn't know what I was going to do next in life. But alas, I was wrong. This beautiful burden that we call "life" is just beginning.

Two years ago, my biggest problem was that I had to wear a ridiculously ugly uniform consisting of oversized khaki pants, a white shirt, warm Timberland boots and a red jacket that you could spot from a mile away. The tradeoff? I got to live in New York City, working with a crazy, yet wonderful group of teenagers that would forever change my life. Last year, around this time, my biggest problem was not having a job and therefore not having enough money to pay rent. Luckily, I was living in one of the greatest cities in the world surrounded by good friends who had become my second family. Today, the list seems like it's never ending.